Aims and Objectives:

The department of Agriculture is one of the oldest departments in the state which has been functioning since 1913. The mission of the department is to increase the production and productivity of agricultural crops by way of conducting training programmes for the forming community in the use of new scientific techniques. There is a District Agriculture Training Centre functioning at Devihosur in Haveri taluka for this purpose. There are also Agriculture Assistants village and grass-root level who have been regularly in contact with the farmers to give them technical guidance. The other important mission is to ensure food security and resonable income to farming community on a sustained basis.

The Karnataka Government has started Raita Samparka Kendras at every hobli headquarters. In Haveri District 19 Raita Samparka Kendras have been started.

The objectives of establishing Raita Samparka Kendra:


  • To provide updated information of crop productions, production practices, markets etc.

  • To facilitate on site provision of Agricultural Inputs like fertilizer, PP chemicals, seeds etc.,

  • To facilitate on site provision of Primary testing facilities like seed germination and quality tests/soil testing etc.

  • To provide for demonstration of both public and private seed materials and inputs at the Kendra level.

  • To provide a forum for interaction between public and private sector technologies and inputs.


The department has Seed Production Centres at 1) Rattihalli. 2) Havangi.

The Agriculture Department has responsibility in making sufficient fatilizers available to the farmers at fair prices. The farmers belonging to different categories are being provided with subsidized seeds, pesticides, Bio agents and fertilizers through different scheme.

Haveri District at a Glance:

Haveri district is a newly formed district comprising 7 talukas, viz, Haveri, Byadgi, Hanagal, Hirekerur, Ranebennur , Savanur and Shiggaon. It comprises 2 agro- climatic zones based on soil and climatic conditions. The district has the total geographical area of 4, 85,058 ha. With cultivable area of 3, 47,540 ha. The major crops of this district are Paddy, Jowar, Hy Maize, Hy. Cotton, Ground nut, Chilli, Ragi, Pulses etc., and the Rabi crops being Rabi Jowar, R.Cotton, Safflower and Sunflower etc.

Zone-8 (Northern Transitional Zone):

It comprises of around 65% of Red soil area with normal annual rainfall of 706 mm. covering 6 talukas namely Haveri, Byadgi, Hirekerur, Ranebennur, Savanur and Shiggaon. This being the assured rainfall zone having major Kharif area of about 2,42,570 ha.

Zone 9 (Hilly Zone):

Hanagal taluk comes under this zone with normal annual rainfall 1022 mm. around 75% of Kharif area is covered by rain fed Paddy. In low lying areas wherever there is residual moisture farmers take up (around 20% area) short duration crops like pulses. After harvesting kharif Paddy. But due to drought experienced in the last 3 years there has been a shift in cropping pattern and almost the major paddy area has been diverted to Maize, Jowar and Cotton etc.,


Crops are irrigated from different sources which covers 11% gross coverd area. Major crops grown in districts are,



1         Jawar

2         Paddy

3         Hy. Maize

4         Wheat

5         Bajra


1          Redgra

2         Greengram

3         Bengal

4         Horsegram

    Oil Seed Crops-

1         Groundnut

2         Soyabeen

3         Sunflower

-: Commercial crops 1) Sugarcane. 2) Cotton.


Contact Phone No.
Sl No. Office address Phone No. Fax No.
1 JDA, Haveri 08375-249021 08375-249020
2 DDA, DATC, Devihosur 08375-249947 -
3 ADA, Haveri 08375-232593 -
  RSK, Haveri 08375-237069 -
  RSK, Karjagi 08375-239245 -
  RSK, Guttal 08375-224490 -
4 ADA, Byadgi 08375-228278 -
  RSK, Byadgi 08375-228975 -
  RSK, Kaginele 08375-289433 -
5 ADA, Hangal 08379-262534 -
  RSK, Hangal 08379-262534 -
  RSK, Akkialur 08379-261318 -
  RSK, Bomanahalli 08379-260633 -
6 ADA, Hirekerur 08376-282343 -
  RSK, Hirekerur 08376-283532 -
  RSK, Hansabavi 08376-289417 -
  RSK, Rattihalli 08376-286917 -
7 ADA, Ranebennur 08373-267557 -
  RSK, Ranebennur 08373-262949 -
  RSK, Medleri 08373-245626 -
  RSK, Kuppelur 08373-249359 -
8 ADA, Savanur 08378-241752 -
  RSK, Savanur 08378-241752 -
  RSK, Hattimattur 08378-259057 -
9 ADA, Shiggaon 08378-255631 -
  RSK, Shiggaon 08378-255133 -
  RSK, Dundasi 08378-251087 -
  RSK, Bankapur 08378-254928 -