Department of Backward Classes and Minorities

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The Government of Karnataka formed the Backward Class and Minority Department in 1977 in a view to curb the social and economical difference in Backward Class and Minority and to impart social justice.

Various backward classes in the state are socially backward because of lack of education, identifying this fact educational programmers have been preferred by this department According to the sections 15 (4) and 16(4) of the constitution of India, to give the available constitutional safeguard to the backward classes the reservation policy have been launched by the Government. To develop the backward classes economically, the Backward Classes Development Corporation and to develop the minorities economically ,the Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation have been started.

To implement the departmental programmers on a state level Backward Classes and Minorities Department Directorate and on a district level ,The Officer of Backward Classes and Minorities are there. On Tehasil (Taluk) level to implement and to supervise the programmers of the department. The Backward Classes extension officer post has been created who works under Taluka Panchayat. The programmes of the departement have been bifurcated on state level and district level. This programmes are being implemented by Zilla panchayat on district level and on talukalevel are being implement by taluka Panchayat.

To see that whether the proper representation is given to the Backward Classes in employment and private aided institutions according to the reservation policy are not and to bring it to the notice of government and to giude the appoinment authority (The Direct Recruitment Board) the guidance section have been started in the drectorate. In which one Assistant Director and Staff is appointed who helps the driector.

For the admission for the Technical and professional Courses, Some people other than the Backward Classes by giving falls information get Backward class Certificate and misuse the facilities ment for Backward Classes. After such incidents came to the light the gorvernment formed the Karnataka scheduled Caste. Scheduled tribes and other Backward class employment resevation act 1990. According to this act in every district the “ Supervising Committee “ has been formed under the charirmanship of Deputy Commissioner. This committee supervise the caste certificates and creamy layer principal and sanctions the

original Backward class certificate to the original Backward class people in the other way it can be said that this committee control the misuse of facilities (reservations) made for backward classes.

For 2007-08, the Backward class and Minority Department has sanctioned Rs.181..05 lakhs for the departmental plan schemes and Rs.375.45 lakhs for the expenses other thanplan schemees (Total Rs. 556.50 lakh). The administrative and developmental programmes which are being implemented are as follows:

In this year (2007-08) 58 institutions are being runded by this department in Haveri District including 40 Pre-Matric Hostels, 6 after Matric Hostels, ,03 Tailoring Training Centres, 13 Private Aided Boys Hostels, as well as 03 Orphanages and 06 Morarji, Desai Residentialschools.


Employment and Guidance Cell (Reservation rules implementation)

According to the section 15(4) and 16(4), the government has passed an order recently, As per this order the recruitment reservation for the Backward Classes in the eductional institutions working under the state government the proportion for the admission and post is as follow.
Sl. No Catogary Ratio
1 Group-1 4%
2 Group-2A 15%
3 Group-2B 4%
4 Group-3A 4%
5 Group- 3B 5%



According to the section 15(4) of the constitution of India, the Government of Karnataka has reserved 50% posts for Backward Classes, Scheduled Caste & Scheduled tribes out of which32% posts are reserved for Backward Classes. To supervise on the recruitment process i.e. whether the vacant posts are recruited on roaster base accoriding to the reservation order or not the Employment and Guidance has been formed. This Education and Guidance cell supervise that the direct recruitment and Education admissions process branch offices ( The Direct recruitment Board’s and Educational institutions) (According to the Government’s Order No.LASE 08sign 95 dated 20-06-1995 and other reservation rule and prepares reports regarding the short comes lapses. This report is sent to the concerned Secretary of Government. The cell also see that the Government recent address regarding the reservation are promptly implemented by Branch offices or not if there is a shortage of candidates belonging to various categories of Backward Class in recruitment process. The Karnataka Scheduled Caste. Stribes and other Backward Classes (recruitment etc. reservation) rule 1990 passed come according to Government’s Order No. SWL 114 LGS 81 dated 6-3-1991. This order has come into force from 19-05-92. To achieve the objectives of this order rules were formed accourding to Government Order No. SWL 247, SAD 90 dated 22-2-1993. According to the Government Order No. SWD 132 SAD 02 dated: 8-2-2000. A provision is made in this order to book a criminal case against the tread of the recruitment Board or Educational institution if they do not follow the percentage of reservation in recruitment and admisiions to the educational courses.

(Officer for Contact: Assistant Director (Guidance Cell) Department of Backward Classes, Bangalore)


1. Encouragement Scholarship for the inmates of Departmental Hostels

Details of the Programmers:

According to Government order No.SWL 80 BMS 98, dated: 04-01-1999. In a view to encourage and to create a sportive attitude in the students of Pre Matic and Post Matric Departmental Hostels, a scheme has been framed to encourage the student who pass the public examinations with first grade. Accordingly every year the Scholarship [incentive] are given. The authority to sanction such proposal from District, given to Zilla Panchayat.

The Proportion of Scholarship [incentive] is as follows:

Sl. No Course incentive Amount
1 S.S.L.C. Rs. 200/-
2 P.U.C / Diploma Rs. 300/-
3 Degree (B.A.B,Sc, Rs. 400/-
4 Post Graduate Rs. 500/-

Students passed in first class in first attempt as public examination can send there applications for this Scholarship within stipulated period through concerened Superintendeent of Hostel/ Warden of the Hostel to Executive Officer/ District Backward Class and Minority Office .This facility is also made available for the students residing in private hostela and orphanage home which are getting the grants from Department.

Time Table

(Pre Metric/ Post Metric Hostel Student’s Encouragement Scholarship)

Sl. No Admision For Date
1 Collection of list of eligible students from Hostel Superintendent 26-06-2007
2 Sending of proposals to the EO T.P 30-06-2007
3 Sanctioning and Distribution of Scholarship to The students 31-08-2008
4 Sanctioning of students of professional  courses 31-12-2008


2. Pre-metric Hostels:

 Students studying in 5” std to 10th std are entitled to get admission and the sanctioned strength of each hostel ranges from 25 to 100 students. 90% of the seats are neant for those who come to schools from places beyond 5 kms and 10% for those who came from places less than 5 kms. Admissions take place during second week of June every year. Boarding charges monthly Rs. 450/- In addition to this students will be provided with supply of uniforms,stationary and beddings

Mode of selection & proportion for the admission

There are 40 pre metric hostels managed by the Department. For the benefit of Boys and Girls studying in pre-metric courses i.e 5to 10 In all these, there are 2150 students.Every year in the month of May / June applications are called from the students who have passed 4 to 9th std from surrounding of eligble students is prepared and placed before the” Taluk selection committee”. The committee consting of the fallowing members.

Taluk selection committee members Designation
President of Taluk panchayat. Chairman
Excutive officer taluk panchayat Member
M.L.A/M.L.C of that consituncey Member
Tahasidar Member
Local Medical officer Member
B.E.O  Member Member
B.C.M.Extention Officer Member-Secretary


Proportion for the admission:

Sl. No Group Percentage
1 Group – 1 10 %
2 Group - 2A 35 %
3 Group - 2B 9  %
4 Group - 3A 9  %
5 Group - 3B 12 %
6 S.C 21 %
7 S.T 4  %


 3. Post Matric Hostels:

There are 6 post matric hostels managed by the Department. For the benefit of Boys and Girls studying in post-matric courses. In all these, there are 350 students. These institutions managed by Executive officers at taluk level. Admissions to these hostels are being given on the basis of merit secured by the student in the final examination of the previous academic year, by the Taluk level selection committee.Category wise ratio of reservation, distance critieria will be followed. However apart from Boarding and Lodging., no other facilities are provided like in pre-matric hostels. Rs. 500 monthly boarding charges are borne by the Department, for every inmate for a period of 10 months.

4. Morarji Desai Model Residential school

Keeping in view,the socio-economic background of the parents and to give a good environment and education for school going children,Govt started residential schools. Education is provided from 6 to10 std. Morarji Desai Model 6 residential schools are functioning in the fallowing places in the Dist..

  1. Savanur Savanur Tq

  2. Ganjigatti shiggaon Tq

  3. Hanumamatti Ranebennur Tq

  4. Cikkerur Hirekerur Tq

  5. Haveri(Minoriyt) Haver Tq

  6. Yalavtti Hanagal Tq

Every year in month of April entrance examination are conducted for 6th std. Admission is given on the basis of Category wise ratio of reservation and merit in the test. Boarding charges monthly Rs. 500/- In addition to this students will be provided with supply of 2 uniforms,Shoe sacks,stationary text book and beddings

Proportion for the admission:

Sl. No Group Percentage
1 Group – 1 10 %
2 Group - 2A 35 %
3 Group - 2B 9  %
4 Group - 3A 9  %
5 Group - 3B 12 %
6 S.C 21 %
7 S.T 4  %


5. Construction and Special Repairs to hostel buildings:

To under take special repairs to the existing hostels and to take up construction of Buildings for the hostels run in rented buildings, and amount of Rs. 15.00 lakhs is earmarked under plan during 2007-2008 and an actinon is prepared for seven hostels special repairs

6. Grant-in-aid to Private hostels:

There are 13 G.I.Apre-matric hostels run by the private organizations for which grant –in-aid is being sanctioned by the Department towards the food charges @ Rs. 350/- per month for a period of 10 months. The total strength of the inmates of these hostels is 495. During the year 2006-2007 an amount of Rs.9.76 lakhs is provieded, an amount of Rs. 9.76 lakhs has been spent up to the end of march 2007.

7. Grnat inAid to ORPHANAGES:

Administration of the orphanages in the state was entrusted to this department during the year 1978-79. At present, there are 3 orphanages manged by the voluntary organisations, with a sanctioned strength of 126 boarders. The scheme is designed to provide food and shelter to the orphans and Destituted to help them to pursue their eduction. The orphans and Destitutes whose parents or guardians annual income is Rs. 11000/- and below, irrespective of caste and creed are entitled to avail this facility. They will be continued in the orphanage up to comppletion of the High School Education. The management of the private orphanages is being sanctioned boarding grant of Rs. 150/- per month per border, for all the 12 months in a year by the Zilla panchayaths of the districts, after inspecting the satisfactory functioning of the orphanages. An amount of Rs. 3.670 lakhs is provided during the year 2006-07 out of which Rs. 2.15 lakhs is spent up to March 2007.

8. Improvement of hostels:

For providing Furniture’s Utensils, Bedding etc in the existing hostels,this scheme is introduced. An amount of Rs. 1.30 kahs is spent for 15 pre-matric at the end of March 2007.For 2007-08 Rs10.00lakh ermarked in in budget.

9. Award of Pre -matric Scholarship:

The Pre-matric scholarships are awarded to students belonging to Backward Classes at the rate of Rs. 75.00 and Rs. 100-00 per year to those studying in middle and high schools respectively. The sanctions are made on means cum merit basis, subject to availability of funds. The conditions for award of scholarships is that the students should not be a boarder in any government or government aided hostel and should have pass in the last annual examination. The annual family income of the student should not exceed Rs. 15000/- per annum. There is no income limit for category-I students.

10. Post matric scholarships:

Pst matric shcolarship are sanctioned to students studying in colleges and technical courses. The criterla for a award of shcolarships is merit, subject to availability of funds The student should not be a boarder in any Govt/Government aided hostel, should not be a receipt if any stipend or scholarships.He should have pass in the last annual examination. Scholarships once sanctioned will be renwed every year till the completion of the coure, provided the course, is continued and the student passes in all the subjects. Category-I (Backward Tribe) students are allowed to keep term and are eligible for the renewal of scholarships. The post-matric scholarships are awarded ranging from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 500/- depending upon the course of study.

11. Sanction of Extran Boarding charges to cat-1 students:

The students belonging to category-I Backward Classes, who are pursuing their studies in the institutions. Situated far from their residential places beyond 5 km. Are provided this benefit without any income limit. Rs. 200/- per month per student subject to their stay in the hostel run by the institutions/voluntary or commmunity organisations as paying guest of having their own arrangement at the places where their college is situated. This benefit is provided on the basis of minimun 75% of their college attendance.


Students whose annual family income is Rs.11,000/- and below are exempted from payment of tuition. Laboratory and examination fees irrespective of caste and creed to which they belong. Students belonging to category-I are exempted from the payment of other fees apprived by the Government in addition to the payment of tuition laboratory and examination fee without any income limit. The loss of income due to fee exemption in aided institutions and private un-aided institutions either recogised by the Government or affiliated to the universities in the state, will be reimbursed by the department at single standard rate as presecribed in the Government Institutions. An amount of Rs. 50.746 lakhs is provided under this scheme during the year-2006-07 and whole amont was spent. During the year 2004-05 the scheme stipend to Typewriting & Stenography has been merged with this programee.


The Backward Classes students whose annual income does not exceed Rs. 15000/- per annum (there is no income limit for category-I students ) undergoing training is typewriting and stenograohy will get a monthly stipend fo Rs. 50/- per candidate for 10 months. The award of stipend is purely on the merit of SSLC marks, subject to availability of the funds. There is a selection committee at the district level.

14. Law Graduates Training:

The scheme is meant to impart Training to Backward Classes and Minority Law graduates in judiciary. The duration of the training is four years, druing which a monthly stipend of Rs. 1000/- per candidate will be paid. There is selection at the dist level.Candidates are selected by the committee throgh interview.Every year 10 Backward Classes & 2 Minority candidates will be selected for the training. During the year 2007-08 an amount of Rs.3.40 lakhs is provided under plan

15. Tailoring Training Centre for BCs Women:

To enable the Backward Classes women to acquire tailoring skill and to earn their livelihood, this scheme is being implemented. There are 3 such tailoring training centres in the district under the control of Zilla panchayath. In each of these centres, the sanctioned strength is 20 candidates. These candidates are selected through the selection committee constituted for the purpose. 75 % of the candidates from BCs and 25% from SC/ST candidates will be selected. AT the time of selection of candidates, preference will be given to widows and deserted women. During the course of training a monthly stipend of Rs. 300/- will be paid to each of the trainee for a period of 12 months. At the end of the training, the Department will conduct an examination, for the successful trainee a certificate and a free sewing maching will be provided.

During 2007-08 for this prupose, an amount of Rs4.62 lakhs has been provided under plan and Non-plan

16. Bella belaku

In this prigramme people belonging to cat –1 of Backword classes living in remote village and inaccessible villages/hamlets without basic facilitieslike housing drinking water,sanitation, electrification etc will be selected and these basic facilites will be provided. During the year 2007-08 1.00 lakh is ermarked for 5 benificeries to construct house.

(Officer for Contact: Concerned Hostel Superintendent/ WardenB.C.M.Extension officer and District Officer of Backward Class and Miniority Department ).