Department C0-OPERATION (Source Respective Department)

Co-operation Department
  -: District organisation Chart :-
 Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies Haveri.
 Phone No. -249297



Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Savanur Sub Division, Savanur. Phone No.241708

CDO Hanagal
CDO Shiggon
C.D.O./Sale Officer Savanur



Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

Haveri  Sub Division, Haveri. Phone

C.D.O./Sale Officer Haveri
CDO Hirekerur
C.D.O. Ranibennur
C.D.O. Byadagi


Haveri District is situated in the North western Parts of Karnataka State Adjoining Districts are Uttar Kannada, Gadag, Bellary, Dharwad, Davanagere and Shimoga District. It is a Plain Geographical area.

Haveri District consists of 7 Talukas namely Haveri, Ranebennur, Hirekerur, Byadagi, Shiggavi, Savanur and Hangal. In Haveri District Co-operative movement started in 1911 with Registering of Handiganur Grama Seva Sahakari Sangha. Now 1088 Co-operative Societies are Registred in the District. Out of these 1004 Co-operative Societies are working Especially 445 milk Co-operative Societies are functioning well under profit.

Haveri Districts has 1 Co-operative Sugar Factory and two Co-operatives spinning mill and 1 co-operative textile mill are working in the District.

In 2015-16 there are 37162 members are enrolled in the district out of this 2240 Scheduled caste, 1199 Scheduled Tribes, 3230 Backward Class/Minorities, 350 Migrates, 23158 BPL members, 6414 women and 571 Physically Handicapped members are enrolled in different types of Co-operative Societies.

Working Capital of all these Co-operative Societies is Rs.62648.77 Lakhs. So, these societies have taken major role in economic activities in the District and 4953 employees are employed by these societies. Milk Co-operative Societies have major role in economic activity and provided employment to the rural folks. Last year these Societies produced Rs.6548.27 Lakhs worth of milk.

12 Urban Co-operative Banks are working in the District. Out of this 10 Urban Banks are working under good condition. There are 7 TAPCMS in the District, Out of this Hirekerur, Akkialur and Savanur TAPCMS are good working with all Marketing activities. 120 Non-agricultural Co-operative Societies are working in good condition with Working Capital of Rs.10138.97 Lakhs.

7 PCARD Banks are working in District. These Banks have advanced Rs.1235.41 Lakhs against the target of Rs.1489.59 Lakhs and 227 Primary Co-operative Agricultural Societies are advanced Rs.11755.63 lakhs against the target of Rs.16500.00 Lakhs in 2015-16.

Co-operative Department also implemented Yashaswini Farmers Health Scheme i.e. major Social plan of Government of Karnataka. In this Plan, 92100 members have enrolled in the 2015-16. 4179 members have benifitted in the Scheme and with worth of Rs.296.32 Lakhs.

Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
Haveri District, Haveri.