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The Karnataka Land Army Corporation started as a Directorate of Land Army in the year 1971 under the Department of Rural Development of Government of Karnataka. It was incorporated as a company under the Companies Act 1956 on 9th August 1974 as Karnataka Land Army Corporation Limited under the full and complete ownership of Government of Karnataka.

The aims and objectives of the corporation are to undertake developmental works in rural areas including employment oriented works entrusted by the State Government Department, Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory Boards and Local Self Government under various schemes and programme, Karnataka Land Army Corporation executes works directly avoiding middleman. The corporation has build up infrastructure in order to take up any kind of works of any magnitude and anywhere in the state. The corporation has been declared as a DESIGNED AGENCY of Government of Karnataka for the purpose of execution of works departmentally.

MISSION: To be the Best and most Efficient Company in KARNATAKA.

GOALS: of Land Army:

  • Leader in Construction Management.

  • Quality and Economy

  • Overall Superior Service

OBJECTIVES: of Land Army

  • To maintain steady growth and profit

  • Avoid cost over run and time over run.

  • Excel in anticipating and responding to customer need with quality work

  • Achieve modest growth in net profit and in turn over.

STRATEGIES: of Land Army

  • To keep costs within the estimated provisions.

  • To use reliable quality products

  • To expand business / work.

  • To maintain pace of quality, innovation and service delivery.


The Karnataka Land Army Corporation has a Board of Directors nominated by the Government and Board of Directors, lay down the policies of the company and review the progress achieved. The company’s Corporate Office is situated at Bangalore and is administered by the Chairman and Managing Director.

The Zonal Offices are headed by Joint Directors, Division offices by Deputy Directors and Sub-Divisions by Assistant Directors.

District Level Quality Assurance Conciliators Committees: have been set up in Belgaum District, which is empowered to review, monitor and visit all works of Karnataka Land Army Corporation. The Karnataka Land Army Corporation has constituted a THINK TANK and a TECHNICAL COMMITTEE of senior experienced like minded external members reputed for professional and personal integrity to suggest way and means of improving quality economizing the works without sacrificing time and quality.

Karnataka Land Army Corporation has come a long way of 26 years from the date of its corporation. It started with a turnover of Rs.25.00 Lakhs in the year 1974-75 and reached Rs.300.00 Crores in the year 2005-06. The Karnataka Land Army Corporation has started a sub Division office in Haveri in the year 1995. The Haveri Sub division started with a turnover of Rs.40.00.Lakhs during 1995-96 & reached Rs.1100.Lakhs during 05-06.

The Karnataka Land Army Corporation was originally established to provide employment to the rural unemployed by taking up works as the drought prone areas under D.P.A.P, N.R.E.P Schemes which are labour oriented such as construction of minor irrigation tanks, percolation tanks, rural roads, low cost houses, school buildings, rural hospitals and hostels for the rural students. Karnataka Land Army Corporation has the reputation of being entrusted with prestigious, challenging, time-bond works such as construction of rural godowns under N.G.R.G and N.C.D.C. schemes. Construction of hospital and other infrastructure under I.P.P III, construction of minor irrigation tank and lift irrigation schemes of M.I.tank etc under N.K.I.D.P living cum work shed for rural artisans under Dutch and Danida schemes, Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangatana of Government of India, School buildings and community centers under D.P.E.P Morarji Desai Residential Schools, Nabard Schools, Integrated Rural water Supply Scheme under Rajeev Gandhi Submission and rural road works under prestigious Pradhana Mantri Grama sadak Yaojana.

The mode of functioning: The construction materials like jelly stones, bricks, sand etc are locally procured from sources directly, items like steel, cement, A.C Sheet etc are procured from factories directly. In terms of the labour forces, locally available skilled, semi skilled and unskilled labourers are taken for the works and are paid as per Government schedule of wages. Works are also undertaken on turn key basis.

The works are ordered by the Government, Semi Government bodies, public undertaking and private trusts to the land army. It undertakes works on the guidelines fixed by the state Government and the board of directors from time to time. All KLAC accounts are audited regularly by the in-built audit team headed by the audit officer in addition to statutory auditors, and also audit from the Headquarters.

As the transparency act is in force, the Karnataka Land Army Corporation is participating in the tender works also Karnataka Land Army Corporation Haveri project under taken Integrated Development works of Akkamahadevi Lake at Haveri which is under progress.