Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart Haveri

The Revenue Department is the oldest department and considered as mother of all departments with its history from pre-British period. The department basically deals with all the matters pertaining to land, besides responsible for of law and order in the state. With root level officers at the village level, the department is also entrusted with implementation of various socio-economic schemes, such as Old Age Pension (OAP),Physically handicapped Pension(PHP), Widow Pension (WP),NSAP, Ashraya, Neralina Bhagya etc., In any stateadministration the role of Deputy Commissioner is important and considered as district level government.

The Revenue administration is governed by the Land Revenue Act 1964 and Land Revenue Rules 1966. The Revenue department officer is also responsible for enforcement of various Acts/Rules.

The Deputy Commissioner’s Office comes under the Revenue department and look after the overall administration of the district and maintains Law and Order. Deputy Commissioner is head of the district administration. The collectorate consists of various branches headed by Srishtedars or Managers who are responsible for supervision, guidance and overall management of work in their branch. Every branch consists of First Division Assistants and Second Division Assistants among whom all work of the branch is divided.

There are various officials both at the district level and at the taluk levels to assist the Deputy Commissioner. They include the Assistant Commissioner’s (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), Tahsildars, Shirstedars, Revenue Inspectors and Village Accountants.

The Deputy Commissioner Court deals with cases pertaining to Revenue Appeals, Revenue Miscellaneous ( KLR Act, 1964 ), Prohibition of transfer of Certain Lands cases ( PTCL Act,1978 ) and inam cases( Inam Abolition Act ). One SDA and Manager of Judicial Branch assist the D.C by doing backoffice work